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Research in the agricultural sector

Research in the agricultural sector, particularly in wheat production, is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Improving yields: Research helps develop new techniques and technologies that increase crop yields and improve the efficiency of farming practices.

  2. Addressing challenges: Research helps address challenges faced by farmers, such as pests and diseases, changing weather patterns, and soil degradation, by developing new strategies to overcome these issues.

  3. Sustaining food security: Wheat is a staple food for a large portion of the world's population. By improving wheat production through research, food security can be sustained, especially in regions where food is scarce.

  4. Supporting economic growth: The agricultural sector is a significant contributor to the global economy. Research in the sector can help support economic growth by improving the productivity and competitiveness of the industry.

Overall, research in the agricultural sector, particularly in wheat production, is essential for ensuring a stable food supply, promoting economic development, and addressing the challenges faced by farmers and the industry.

Semetica invests over 25% of its turnover in basic research every year and 12% in screening, agronomic calibration of varieties and applied research.

We firmly believe in the quality of the seed as the only means of spreading innovation.

Strengthened by this conviction, we made further investments in the implementation of the Variety Start Up (SUV) path to make our new varieties more and more performing.

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